About Us

The Slocan Lake Arts Council is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization, and a registered charity. 

All Board Members are volunteers, committed to promoting and encouraging cultural and artistic activities in the Slocan Valley. 

We believe in strength in numbers! We are a growing organization and our board is looking to expand. If you have ideas or strengths and a passion for the arts, let's talk!

Mission Statement

To facilitate, inspire, encourage and cultivate the continuing development of arts and cultural opportunities, projects and activities in the rural North Slocan Lake region. 


The Slocan Lake Arts Council is envisioning a vibrant Slocan Lake region where arts and culture are the heartbeat of the community, creating an inclusive, vibrant, and inspiring environment where artists thrive, diversity flourishes, and every individual is connected through the transformative power of creativity.


The Slocan Lake Arts Council is dedicated to making arts and cultural opportunities widely accessible across the North Slocan Lake region. We strive to build a resilient and sustainable cultural ecosystem, supported by diverse funding sources and guided by principles of inclusion, equity, diversity, and collaboration. Our mandate includes supporting both emerging and established artists, providing support through funding, infrastructure, and promotion. We sponsor events and acting as a proxy for non-charitable arts groups. 

Core Values

At the heart of the Slocan Lake Arts Council are our core values of inspiration, diversity, accessibility, and community. We are committed to fostering an environment where creative individuality, free thinking, and cultural exploration are encouraged. Through collaboration, transparency, and respect, we advocate for the arts, ensuring equitable opportunities for expression, education, and professional development. We believe in the power of art to unite, heal, and provoke discourse, driving us towards a cohesive and vibrant community.

Board of Directors 2024-2025

President:  Martine denBok 

Vice President: Petra Hekkenberg

Treasurer : Michael John Huber

Director-at-large: Sue Mistretta, Valerie Campbell, Vojta Bednar