The Silverton Gallery

Public Survey Results

The survey about the future of the Silverton Gallery was held between May 2 -16. An impressive 175 people completed the survey, thank you all!  


Securing the future of the Silverton Gallery

In 2023, the Slocan Lake Arts Council (SLAC) formed the Silverton Gallery Committee. This committee is focusing on protecting and enhancing the Silverton Galleryour home baseas a cultural and historical asset for our community.

We recognize that the value of the Silverton Gallery stretches beyond our use of the building; it is an historical and cultural asset, treasured by the entire community and region. Here, community members enjoy cultural and artistic events in its spacious interior, theatre space, and beautiful outdoor area. SLAC has proudly been the steward of this building since 1988! Read more about the history of the building here. In April 2024 we successfully negotiated a new lease agreement with the Village of Silverton. This is a one-year interim lease, which gives us and the Village of Silverton time to shape the future of the building, to then sign a long-term lease in 2025. We see the need to revitalize the building and bring it up to current standards for accessibility, flooring, energy efficiency, user flow, and more. This is where we need your help and support!

About the revitalization projec

SLAC and the Village of Silverton have always collaboratively taken care of the maintenance and upgrades to the building. In Spring 2024, SLAC has successfully secured funding from BCAC and CBT, has a continuous fundraising campaign running! The planning and consultation process with Town Architecture from Kaslo has started and will last through the Summer. Architect Jordan Jones will assess the building, and draw up plans for improvements. Consultant Kimberly Joines is looking at the accessibility of the building. Throughout this process, there will be moments for you, the public, to engage. For example by filling out our public survey that is open between May 2-16, 2024. The architect will do another round of engagement when he has several concept designs ready, and the final design will be presented to the community as well. We also formed an Advisory Circles with 10-15 diverse community members that expressed interest to engage, they have met once already with our facilitators Mark and Marije van Engelen, and gave their input on positive changes that could be made! Want to support our efforts financially? Read on!


"The building needs you"

The revitalization of the Silverton Gallery requires funds from grants and community donations. The Village of Silverton, as the second smallest municipality in BC, has limited resources to contribute to this project. This Spring SLAC successfully secured a grant of $25,000, as well as a $2800 grant from Columbia Basin Trust for the first stage of this project to assess the building and make designs of potential improvements. SLAC also contributed $1000 to the project. As with most grants, only a percentage of the project costs are covered, because funders like to see community support as well. This means the building needs you! We need you! 

Slocan Lake Arts Council’s volunteers have worked tirelessly as stewards of the building to create the space we enjoy today. However, the work must continue to secure its future. We urge you to support SLAC’s efforts to raise $60,000 for these upgrades. A part of this grant total will be used in this first planning & consultation stage and complete our project budget for that. The rest will be used towards the actual renovations and increase our chances for securing future grants for that second stage. There are many ways you can support this campaign!

We’ll have fundraising events, donation opportunities, and volunteer occasions for you to show your support. Please join us and others in your community to preserve this important historical treasure. Donate here!

How can you Support?

Donate money 

Donate In-kind services 

Volunteer at our fundraising events

Write a letter of support for our grant applications

Help us with grant writing 

What will your donation be used for?

Assessment of the building by architect and consultants

Community engagement 

Design plans & technical drawings

Physical upgrades such as improved accessibility and new floors

Project management & administration (locally employed)

Yes, I want to make a donation!


If you would like to learn more about donating to us, please visit our donation page. Thank you! Your support makes a difference.

Looking for Participants in Advisory Circle

The Slocan Lake Arts Council (SLAC) and users of the Silverton Gallery Space are seeking to form an Advisory Circle. This group of advisors will help to inform future planning for the building. We are looking for individuals who represent different perspectives within our communities who can help us capture interests, values and perspectives that may not be obvious to SLAC as we plan for the use of the Silverton Gallery Space. 

If you are interested in participating in the advisory circle, please send an email and include what you would bring to the circle and who you would represent. All emails should be sent to by March 5th.