SATURDAY, February 11, 2023

10 am - 2 pm, at Slocan Lake Art Center

Misty Trees, acrylic workshop 

With Branda Shirlean Avis 

In this Acrylic Workshop with Branda Avis, a self-taught artist from Nelson, you will paint misty tree scenes. Working with a simple pallet you create lots of energy! Branda aims to help you make a beautiful calm piece for your home, and to give you new skills to keep growing as an artist.  See her Artist Bio below.

Fully Booked 

Register before Feb 4th to secure your spot. 

Location: Slocan Lake Arts Center, 408 4th Street, Silverton BC

Branda Shirlean Avis & her work

Self-taught Illustrator, Painter & Mixed Media Artisan

Branda: "I have always kept my hands practiced with drawing and mark making. I consider it my greatest gift to be able to keep my mind busy, engaged and happy just by picking up a pen, or brush. 

I've never been more enamored with beauty than in the winter mist here in Canada. My winters magic paintings try and capture what I see as the animal I am, moving through space. Mist has really taken hold in my painting practice and I dove head 1st into it in 2019. I've finally started to really paint with as much gusto and confidence that I can muster. It's a practice.

I try to focus on; one piece of the whole landscape, while making you feel like you've left the peripheral to blur away. 

I just spent 10 years running a hat brand called Cut Threads. A massive weaving undertaking that had me floating in an ocean of hat apparel brands. It was a great stepping stone in my life. 

Residing in Nelson BC since 2008. I want to be two feet in the art scene here and help to teach kids, make stuff, and raise my beautiful son Ralün." 

Artwork: Acrylic paintings "Ghost Trees" and "New Mist" by Branda Shirlean Avis, Nelson BC.