SATURDAY, February 18, 2023, 10 am - 2 pm

Open Studio #2 - make art!

This week's host: Sabrina Curtis

The Slocan Lake Arts Center opens their studio doors to everyone that wants to come make their own art. Gather, create, explore! Every week has a different local artist as a host, each with their own specialties. During the open studio there are no instructions, but the host is available to you for tips and tricks!

Drop in, by donation

Location: Slocan Lake Arts Center, 408 4th Street, Silverton BC

Acrylic Paintings by Sabrina Curtis

About your host

Sabrina Curtis, New Denver BC

Specialties: Acrylic Landscapes & Adventure Enthusiast

Sabrina Curtis is a self-taught acrylic landscape artist and a self-powered adventure enthusiast. Her affinity for the outdoors and deep respect for the natural world stems from a life of exploring mountainous terrain around the world, including her own backyard in the Kootenays where she has found inspiration for the past 20 years. Her lifelong hobby of photographing the vistas she encounters provides ongoing reference material for her more recent passion for painting.

Art became the unexpected silver lining for Sabrina while recovering from a traumatic brain injury. In 2020, she put brush to canvas for the first time in her life as a therapeutic outlet and she has not stopped since. An engineer by profession, she has converted her problem-solving skills to her creative practice through cognitive “rewiring”. Her neural pathways have transformed from analysing data to construing the mixing of hues and tapestry of brushstrokes. 

Sabrina’s realistic paintings provide an immersive experience that brings to life the vastness and vibrancy of exploring treasured natural environments. Mother Nature is Sabrina’s greatest muse, and she continually motivates her practice through extensive adventures by foot, bike or skis, acquiring inspiration for her next body of work...most frequently right here in the Slocan Valley!